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We work to strengthen the wealth-creating capacity of our members & promote economic development within the entrepreneurial community

The African-WIB Annual Awards Program honours the accomplishments and contributions of exemplary women who have led the way in the women’s business community and is building a legacy for the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Woman Business Owner of the Year Award
There shall be a Corporate Sponsor for this award.

Nominations for the annual African-WIB Women Business Owner of the Year Award will be open May 1- July 31. The award will be presented at the annual African-WIB Business Women’s Conference.
The Woman Business Owner of the Year Award recognizes and rewards an entrepreneur who excels at strategy, operations, finances, problem solving, overcoming adversity and giving back to her community. It’s not based on business size, but rather overall business excellence.

The top three finalists receive these exciting prizes:
  • Complimentary full conference registration
  • Inclusion as a panelist in a breakout session
  • Regional exposure on African-WIB social media and communication channels
  • Recognition as a finalist during the Awards Gala and a 4-color headshot and bio in the African-WIB program book
  • Profile in African-WIB e-publication article leading up to the conference
Winner receives:
  • Honoured at the African-WIB Awards Gala
  • Announced as WBO of the Year in African-WIB communications
  • National press release announcing Gala honourees through PR News.
To qualify, all nominees must:
  • Be an active African-WIB member in good-standing
  • Participate in the day-to-day operations of the company
  • Own a minimum of 25% of the company
  • Be able to attend the Annual Awards Gala at the African-Women In Business Conference—to accept the award
  • Not be a member of the African-WIB Board of Directors
After the nomination period is closed
Awards Selection, Judging & Announcement Process
The Awards Selection Committee will be comprised of the current African-WIB Chair, Vice Chair and members of the Presidents Steering Committee and at least 2 independent notable women in Business.
The Committee will have exclusive, confidential access to all nomination applications and supporting documents. They judge each nominee using a scoring matrix that outlines the criteria and point system. Once the matrixes are complete, they are submitted to a African-WIB staff member, who then calculates the scores. The top ten nominees are passed to the Corporate Sponsor for final scoring. If there is a tie, the Awards Selection Committee will submit a confidential vote for the winner.
Once the top three finalists confirm they will be attending the Awards Gala to accept the award, their names are announced to African-WIB’s membership and the public on August 15. If the member cannot attend, the selection will move to the next highest score. The three finalists are provided a press release they can leverage in their local markets.
African-WIB Legacy Award
The award gives honor to a person or group of persons who, through their advocacy and actions, have helped to establish the legacy of women’s entrepreneurship for future generations. Recipient is a current or past African-WIB member.
African-WIB Business Leadership Award
The Award recognizes a women business owner who has made a significant contribution to the status and visibility of women-owned firms and to the empowerment of women entrepreneurs both nationally and internationally. Recipient is a current or past African-WIB member.
African-WIB Hall Of Fame Awards
Every year, during the National Women’s Business Conference hosted by African-WIB, our organization is proud to present Hall of Fame Awards to some of the most dynamic and significant women business owners and advocates in Africa. Every honouree is a trailblazer in her own right and reflects the legacy of power and success of the women’s business community at large.
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